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International Awards

The ISSA Awards recognize individuals, organizations and chapters for their important contributions to developing and connecting our cybercommunity globally, promoting strong and innovative security practices and enhancing the professionalism of our members. 

The 2014 Awards were presented during the ISSA International Conference in Orlando on October 22-23, 2014.

2014 Award Recipients

Hall of Fame

Ronald L. Rivest
Adi Shamir
Leonard (Len) Max Adleman
Frances (Candy) Alexander
Richard Owen

Honor Roll 

Debra Christofferson
Rhonda Farrell
Mario Chiock
Brian Engle

Security Professional of the Year

Aaron Carpenter

Volunteer of the Year (shared)

Phil Rogofsky
Jacek Skorupka

Chapter of the Year

Less than 100: Puerto Rico
Between 100 and 200: Alamo
More than 200: Northern Virginia

Any member in good standing is eligible to propose candidates for:


  • Hall of Fame: pays homage to an individual’s exceptional qualities of leadership in their own career and organization as well as an exemplary commitment to the information security profession. (ISSA membership not required.)
  • Honor Roll: recognizes an individual’s sustained contributions to the information security community, the advancement of the association, and enhancement of the professionalism of the association’s membership.

  • Security Professional of the Year: honors the member who best exemplifies the most outstanding standards and achievement in information security in the preceding year.

  • Volunteer of the Year: recognizes a member who has made a significant difference to their chapter, the association, or the information security community through dedicated and selfless service to ISSA.

  • Chapters of the Year: rewards chapters that have done an exceptional job of serving their members, advancing the field, and supporting ISSA’s mission.
    • Nominees will be evaluated on their activities and programs in six areas: member services, membership development, projects and special events, development of the next generation of security professionals, communications and marketing, and participation and support of ISSA International initiatives and programs.
    • Three awards will be given based on size: less than 100 members, 100-200 members, more than 200 members.
    • Chapters of the Year will each receive $500 toward a member appreciation event or a donation in the chapter’s name to a scholarship fund of the winner’s choice.
  • Organization of the Year: acknowledges an organization which has provided a sustained, proactive presence that directly contributed to the overall good and professionalism of the Association and its membership, providing services, products, and/or direct support that ensures the promotion of the highest ethical standards in addressing information security and its future direction.

  • President’s Award for Public Service: honors an individual’s contribution to the information security profession in the area of public service (ISSA membership not required).
  • Anyone interested in making a nomination should thoroughly review the Awards Policies and Procedures.

    Past Award Winners

    Hall of Fame Recipients

    Michael F. Angelo
    Andy Briney
    Scott Charney
    Dave Cullinane
    Mary Ann Davidson
    Dorothy Denning
    Whitfield Diffie
    Donald Evans
    Dan Farmer
    Pamela Fusco
    Simson Garfinkel
    Susan Hansche
    Martin Hellman
    Steve Hunt
    Michel Kabay
    Sandra Lambert
    Steven B.Lipner
    Lynn McNulty
    Erik G. Mettala
    Richard Mosher
    William Hugh Murray

    Patricia A. Myers          
    Stephen Northcutt
    Alan Paller
    Donn Parker
    Thomas Peltier
    Michael Peters
    Fred Piper
    George Proeller
    Marcus Ranum
    Ron Ross
    Howard Schmidt
    Bruce Schneier
    Eugene Schultz
    Sanford Sherizen
    Eugene Spafford
    Harold Tipton
    William Tompkins
    Wietse Z. Venema
    James Wade
    Roy Wilkinson
    Ira Winkler

    Honor Roll Recipients

    Candy Alexander
    Joanne Ashland
    Harry Bing-You
    Howard "Skip” Chapman
    Dave Cullinane
    Bill Danigelis
    James Duffy
    Donald Evans
    Patricia (Gilmore) Myers     
    Steve Haydostian
    Ronald Helsley
    Andrea Hoy
    Gerald Isaacson
    Gerald Kovacich
    Sandra Lambert
    Bart Moerman
    Elio Molteni
    Richard Mosher
    William Hugh Murray
    Marc H. Noble
    Edward Norris

    Owen O'Connor
    Richard Owen, Jr.
    Deb Peinert
    Lawrence A. Pingree
    Ralph Spencer Poore
    George Proeller
    Kevin L. Richards
    Anne Rogers
    Allen Scalise
    Howard Schmidt
    Brian Schultz
    Eugene Schultz
    Mark Spencer
    Harold Tipton
    William Tompkins
    Javier Torner
    Robin Wheeler
    Vern Williams
    Alex Woda
    Roger Younglove
    Ernest E. Zernial, Jr.

    Chapter of the Year

    Alamo Chapter (2011)
    Capitol of Texas Chapter (1998, 1999, 2008, 2013)
    Central Alabama Chapter (2009)
    Colorado Springs Chapter (2005, 2008)
    Lima Perú Chapter (2012)
    Metro Atlanta Chapter (2011)
    Minnesota Chapter (2002)
    New England Chapter (2000, 2001)
    Northern Virginia (NOVA) Chapter (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009)
    Phoenix Chapter (2009)
    Poland Chapter (2008, 2011)
    Sacramento Valley Chapter (2012)
    Silicon Valley Chapter (2003)
    South Texas Chapter (2007, 2013)
    Turkey Chapter (2013)
    United Kingdom Chapter (2005, 2006, 2012)

    Chapter Communications Program of the Year

    Capitol of Texas Chapter (2005, 2006)
    Denver Chapter (2003)
    Kansas City Chapter (2000-website, 2001)
    Metro Atlanta Chapter (2001)
    Metro New York (1999 – website, 2000 – newsletter)
    Middle Tennessee Chapter (2002)
    New England (1998 – website)
    Northern Virginia Chapter (2004, 2007)
    Poland Chapter (2009)
    United Kingdom Chapter (2008, 2009, 2011)

    Security Professional of the Year

    Candy Alexander (2000)
    Michael Angelo (2011)
    Joanne Ashland (2002)
    Howard "Skip” Chapman (2009)
    Eric Cowperthwaite (2012)
    June Dabbs (2001)
    Louis Gamon (2007)
    Mark Johnson (2008)
    Thomas R. Peltier (1998)
    Anne M. Rogers (2004)
    Randy V. Sabett (2013)
    John Thompson (2003)
    Sherry R. Voit (2006)
    Vernon Williams (2005)
    Nena Young (1999)

    Volunteer of the Year

    Lawrence A. Pingree
    Richard Mosher (2012)
    Roberto Puyó Valladares (2012)
    Mark Williams (2013)

    Organization of the Year

    Avaya Government Solutions (2013)
    California State University, San Bernardino (2012)
    Cisco Systems, Inc. (2007)
    Citrix (2011)
    Colorado Technical University (2004)
    Consul Risk Management BV (2002)
    Ernst & Young (1999, 2000)
    Foundstone, Inc. (2001)
    ITT Technical Institute (2009)
    MITRE Corporation (2008)
    Nortel Government Solutions (2006)
    SANS Institute (1998)
    Sourcefire (2013)
    Vanguard Integrity Professionals (2003)

    President’s Award for Public Service

    John Austen (2002)
    Richard A. Clarke (2003)
    Sharon Ehlers (2008)
    Karen S. Evans (2004)
    Jeff Moss (2011)
    Marc H. Noble (2007)
    George Proeller (2009)
    Symantec Stuxnet Team: Liam O'Murchu, Eric Chien, Nicolas Falliere (2012)
    George White (2011)

    President’s Awards

    Robert W. Daniels (2006)
    Louis Gamon (2007)
    Kevin Richards (2006)

    Special Vendor Award

    SPI Dynamics (2004)

    Award of Excellence

    Richard Mosher (1999)
    Edward Norris (1999, 2000, 2001)

    Individual Contribution to the ISSA

    J. Louis Lambert (1998)
    Robin L. Wheeler (1998)

    Individual Achievement

    Gary E. Brooks
    Steve Hunt

    Higher Education Center of Excellence

    Colorado Technical University (2005)

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